[album cover art] tsone – pagan oceans

pagan oceans

release date:

1kitsu's song3:29
2a good cleansing always sets one's mind to rights5:19
3wind tunnels3:22
5instruments of an ecstatic cult5:23
6between the between4:28
7accidents will happen2:48
9shifting patterns of energy6:25
10no-fun parade5:39
11taking measurements from broken scales3:24
12magic, music, sacrifice, rite4:17
13oblique incidence4:40
14harp fingers4:55
15sits this one out, pt.19:20
16vague poses4:54
17halfway through suburbia5:10
18let's be honest with ourselves5:46
19once more with feeling2:28
20double vision5:28
21sits this one out, pt.27:54
22echo sandwich5:40
23these are lessons we all learn5:23
24quarry bends2:40
25paper cuts5:19