[album cover art] Polar Moon – As Above, So Below

As Above, So Below

release date:

1Alone Again1:46
2A Perfect Picture of Her2:43
4Reminiscent of You2:47
5We're Not Alone2:49
6Snow Angels3:07
7Ice Queen1:45
8As Above, So Below3:20
9I Hope This is Real2:05
10Ursa Minor3:11
11Moon On The Horizon3:02
12Daylight Moon3:34
13Snow Angels (Quiet)3:03
14Alone Again [Slow Dancing Society rework]5:40
15I Hope This is Real [City of Dawn rework]2:50
16We're Not Alone [From Overseas rework]5:24
17Snow Angels [Jörgen Kjellgren rework]3:10
18A Perfect Picture of Her [Tyresta rework]4:26
19Ursa Minor [Carlos Ferreira rework]3:26
20As Above, So Below [Marc Ertel rework]3:56
21Daylight Moon [Isaac Helsen rework]5:03
22Floating [Low Howl rework]6:28
23Reminiscent of You [Christina Giannone rework]4:40
24Moon On The Horizon [zakè rework]7:07