[album cover art] Fionnlagh – What Came After

What Came After


release date:

1Bj2x8i8l2e0f7s1 (Warmth Remix)5:42
2To the Villa On the Cliff (Fionnlagh's Ripple Through Time Rework)4:11
3In Isolation (Powlos Remix)3:30
4Chunk's Travel Diary3:52
5Through the Highlands (Hilyard Remix)5:42
6What Has a Beginning, Has an End (Anwalter Remix)4:36
7Flag Raid5:18
8This Storm Will Pass (Logic Moon Remix)5:54
9Remember EI>I{-I_4NI_) (Seabuckthorn Remix)4:11
10Tallinn Blizard4:20