[album cover art] 36 & awakened souls – The Other Side of Darkness

The Other Side of Darkness
by &

release date:

1Take Me By The Hand9:42
2Spinning Around5:11
3To Start Again4:28
6Past Self5:12
7Guide Me Home (One Misstep)4:53
8Need Your Light11:33
9Take Me By The Hand (36 After Dark Version)3:47
10Spinning Around (36 After Dark Version)4:32
11To Start Again (36 After Dark Version)3:59
12Shelter (36 After Dark Version)4:08
13Ripples (36 After Dark Version)5:25
14Past Self (36 After Dark Version)6:25
15Guide Me Home (One Misstep) (36 After Dark Version)5:42
16Need Your Light (36 After Dark Version)16:18
17Take Me By The Hand (awakened souls - Acid Dream Version)4:23
18Spinning Around (awakened souls - Solo Bass Version)4:16
19To Start Again (awakened souls - marine eyes Version)4:19
20Shelter (awakened souls - Influx Version)4:00
21Ripples (awakened souls - marine eyes Version)4:21
22Past Self (awakened souls - marine eyes Version)3:32
23Guide Me Home (awakened souls - Shoegaze Version)3:33
24Need Your Light (awakened souls - Influx Dub Version)4:51